You’re up, Dagger.

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Charlie + being a tiny bit of a hipster for yujia21

Our production designer Jen’s favorite shorthand way of describing Charlie’s aesthetic was “pseudo-hipster”. She didn’t think he was trying hard enough to seem like he wasn’t trying hard enough to be classified as a “real hipster”.

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Anon wanted me to draw my Draw-yourself “Noravengers” fighting or such but I really suck at fighting poses, so I decided to draw them saying lines from the movie instead. Oops.

I got comments saying it’s illegal in the US to wear any fabric that has the print of the flag on it, so I changed Cap’s hijab. 


"Doth mother know you wearth her hijab?"

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one of my fave scenes from anything

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"So if you would like to break my heart and have me write a song about you, please like, subscribe and share." [x]

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Sleep Hollow #1 BOOM! Exclusive Cover


Sleep Hollow #1 BOOM! Exclusive Cover

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